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Carolyn Rodriguez

Houston Texas is very well known for its independent music scene. From the days of the Geto Boys and The Original Screwed Up Click. Local artists have always found a way to maintain a steady income by distributing their music independently. In the past decade many artists have come and gone, but few can say they have maintained a relevance in the music scene. In Texas and the southern region, men have dominated; however, between the verses of hardcore raps is a hypnotizing melody. This melody is like medicine to many, and served by a night nurse, the one and only Carolyn Rodriguez. Over the past decade, since first walking into the DFO studios at Dope House Records, hoping to record a demo to shop to labels, Carolyn has become one of the most recognizable voices in the what is now Houston’s vast music industry. For many years Carolyn was the melodic voice behind the verses of the artists at Dope House Records.

Through out the years, Carolyn built a strong relationship with South Park Mexican, who at the time was the biggest selling independent artist in the South, and Juan Gotti, one of the record label’s most distinct artists. It wasn’t until 2007, when Jaime “Pain” Ortiz, the label’s engineer, decided it was time to introduce Carolyn Rodriguez to the world with her solo debut, Castellana. Not only was she featured on SPM’s first album from prison, hitting 4 Billboars charts, but she would be a main factor in his next release, “The Last Chair Violinist.” This 2008 release, which hit hit even more (8) charts on Billboard, featured Carolyn on over half of the tracks. This would once again create a buzz as she planned to release her second album, Medicine Girl in 2009 after SPM gave her the nickname. Carolyn set herself apart from all other female counterparts by becoming the first female to release a “screwed and Chopped” version of an original album. Since then Carolyn has been featured on many records and mixtapes. By working with legends such as Kid Frost and the new faces of hip hop, such as Devin The Dude, Chamillionaire, Z-Ro, Killa Kyleon, Smoke DZA, and Chingo Bling.