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The son of a carpenter and a housewife, Quota and his younger sister, were raised in the historical 1st ward of Houston, TX. Quota’s parents wanted the best for him, but he had other plans for his future. He was a good kid, right up until he hit the block, that is where Quota credits getting his form of higher learning. It was around that time, hisfather had a work related accident that almost ended his life. Quota needed something to help him get through, andrap was what helped his cope. Quota fell in love with rap music, and knew he wouldgrow up with music being a part of its future. The summer he graduated high school, he started selling cocaine. Growing up in the hood, he saw others make come ups off dealing dope. One day a guy Quota thought was his friend, set him up for 252 grams of coke; a quarter key, hence his rap name; & ended up in jail facing 10/99, 10 years being the minimum, 99 being the maximum time.

As time went on, Quota seemed to struggle after many dead in jobs, until one day when he ran into SPM, from that point on, he began hanging around Dope House. He grew close to everyone there, especially Jaime “Pain” Ortiz, and Coast. Coast was in the process of being signed on to the label as a solo artist. One day, he was working on what was to be the 1st song for that project, and Quota had an idea for a hook (chorus). He liked the idea, and from then it seemed like a strong bond was created. Quota & Coast dropped the Twin Beredaz self titled debut album, and the rest is history. After the TBZ album release, the group ended up breaking up, but still working together, and to this day Coast and Quota continue to make music together. Quota founded Rich Kid & Co., his own label, and has conned to make music as a solo artist while still collaborating with his Dope House counterparts for the loyal fans.