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Lucky Luciano is a name that has always been infamous in the world of organized crime, but one man has been able to take the name and give it relevancy in the world of rhyme. Christian Garcia grew up in the Northwest side of Houston, and as a teenager discovered his unique talent. Influenced by the Southern rap scene in Texas, Christian, who now went by the name Lucky, showcased his rapping skills by freestyling at school in front of his peers. Lucky recorded a demo that found its way into the hands of then Latium Records CEO, Charles Chavez, and from there the future Latin legend began to grow. He released his first album Lucky Me and was also featured on various compilations under the Latium label. After seeing how easy it was for him to write rhymes and songs, and get paid for them, Lucky Luciano knew he had found his calling. He big break came when he was featured on South Park Mexican’s The Purity Album. Lucky would go on to become an artist under SPM’s label, Dope House Records. His fan base grew quickly, he began gaining recognition and became one of the most popular artists, not only on the label, but around his city, gaining the name, The Dope House Prince.

Throughout the years, Lucky has continued to have a solid relationship with his Dope House family, but after the incarceration of Carlos Coy aka South Park Mexican, Lucky decided that it was time to create his own brand and label, and follow up on his prior success. Lucky Luciano created Steak N Shrimp Records, and would go on to record various albums, and become one of the most recognizable faces in the Latin hip hop scene, not only in Texas, but around the country. Under his label, Lucky Luciano has released nearly 30 mixtures and multiple albums. Few artists can say that they have been able to do what Lucky has done, such as generating money from album and mixture sales, features, and touring without any major label backing. He has helped define what “independent balloon” is. From rapping in his high school cafeteria to selling out shows across the country, Christian Garcia has changed the perspective of the name Lucky Luciano, and many people today think of the rapper before the mobster. Need proof? Just Google the name.