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Paul Rodriguez will forever go down in the history books of the Latin hip hop movement in Texas. Paul, better known by his stage name, Grimm, was the first Latin rapper to release a solo album. He was there when the birth of Latin hip hop took place in South East Houston. Affiliated with many of the original hip hop groups to come out of Houston, The South Park Coalition, Grimm made his stage name and skills known to not only the Latin rap community, but the Southern hip hop community in general. Grimm was also an original member of the infamous groups, Aggravated And The Most Hated.

Grimm eventually linked up with Carlos Coy aka South Park Mexican. Grimm lent his hand in helping establish SPM as a main stable in the hip hop community in the South, and as the time went on, created many classic hits with his counter part. After SPM’s incarceration, The Brown Recluse (Grimm), began to work more and more with Baby Bash, another Dope House artist. Grimm became a member of The Stooie Brothers, which was a group that Bash helped put together. Bash and The Stooie Brothers have toured all around the world. Grimm has always played a huge role in the Latin hip hop movement, and as popular other artist may have been, He is notably bestowed with the title of the originator of Latin hip hop in the South.