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Ruben Reyes grew up on the Northeast side of Houston, Tx, 59 North between Tidwell and Parker to be exact, in a little place called Epsom Downs. The kid better known to his fans as Coast grew up in a musical family. His Father played the guitar and the harmonica and his uncles and sisters were talented with the guitar and drums in their own rights. I guess from reading that, you can tell that coast wasn’t your average kid out of the Northeast. He was a kid with aspirations and dreams and it seemed like the people he grew up with know that. For those who had never heard as much as a hook or verse from Coast, you must know that the guy carries his own no matter what kind of melody is placed before him. Coast would become a common voice in the soundtrack of the Dope House. In 2002, along with Quota (Key), a group called the Twin Beredaz would sign with the label. Twin Beredaz would release a self-titled album that to this day is considered to be one of the best underground albums to have been released in the Latin Hip hop scene. Coast would go on to be heard in many other Dope House projects before venturing out and doing his own thing. Coast would release many mix tapes with the team of Eddie Deville, Lucky Luciano and Stuna, creating a lable known as New Age Wealth & Fame (NAWF). At the same time Coast would also create a strong bond with the members of the Heart Shaped Light Bulb, a creative team that to this day helps bring the best working on an album and his mix tape series, and is not one to disappoint with a lack luster product. Throughout the years, his fan base has become somewhat cult like, in the sense, they anxiously wait for Coast to release his next project, no matter how long the wait is between projects. Coast is a rare talent that emerged from the Dope House Family, and as he continues to make music for his fans, you can only expect better things to come.