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This is a message to all competition, which the hook makes obvious:

“Who det floats in the river?

The compition

I told you Los was a killa,

You wouldn’t listen . . .”

The beat to this song is raw hip hop, East Coast style. Producers named the Boomjacks made the beat, and they also have beats on future SPM projects. These dudes are cold, but I rarely did hip hop tracks on previous albums. I’m starting to get more into that style, because it calls for skill, not that bubblegum bullshit we’ve all been hearing lately. My lyrics deliver the same message as the hook. Here’s a few pieces.

1st verse:          

 “Ever album I release is like genocide…”

2nd verse:         

 “Jack Rippa, nah nigga, Jack Kevorkian

I write in pencil, this is how the story end

Rhyme wicked, forensic, scientific,

You can’t see me, dog, less you buy a ticket…”

3rd verse:         

 “competition bore me, who you ‘sposed to me

 Number one, nigga please, you ain’t close to me

get dealt with, sleep widda a jelly fish

have you on some ol’ someone please help me shit…”