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The hook to this song goes:

“I don’t wanna die today

But I got 28 in my microwave

Everybody in the hood really like my yae

Pure and uncut, got no time to play . . . listen y’all”


If you know anything about the “game” you know what “28” is. But for the sheltered, it means an ounce of cain.

This song is for all them boys who know what it feels like to live and die by the triple-beam scale. Here’s a piece of the first verse:

“S.P. browna than a dirty penny

Got’cha whole click screamin, “Who murdered Kenny!”

Purple bong hitta, the stuff you on shippa

Pull ya heat and I bet’cha I respond quicka…”

This is definitely one of the more gangster tracks on the SON. But, at the same time, I have fun with it, like the last lines on the 2nd verse:

“I be there all the time widda 40 bottle tryin

Hard to hit Lil Joe, now it’s gobble gobble time

Broke the house, wid my friends, I be hittin many licks

They be, like, “Los, give it back, you already rich!”

Just to translate, I’m saying that I be in my hood “all the time” with my 40{ounce.} bottle of beer, trying to hit “lil Joe” which is “four” on the dice. When I say “broke the house” that means that I rolled the four on the dice and took everybody’s money in the dice circle. I say I “be hittin many licks” because I’m making money, whether sellin dope or playin dice. And my homeboy’s want their money back, because they say I’m already rich. Lol!

I end the last verse explaining the condition of the streets. It’s not exactly a fair game, but it is what it is:

“I accomplish at will but still I feel that I’m cursed

I told’em, “we can have peace or let the bullets dispurse.”

In the game where the referees don’t show up,

It ain’t no rules in my hood, the best man blow up…”