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The hook on “People” asks a constant question in my life, “Losy, why you always so high?” This is something that those closest to me seemed to always ponder. In this song I make my attempt at explaining myself.I even answer the question on the same hook like this: “If you only know how I’m stressin, you would surely understand why.”

The first lines of this song s

ay, “I put dro in gars, put coke in jars/ gotta stay on my toes so I don’t do bars.” I know most of you don’t need a translation, but for the “not-so-street” people, I’m saying that I put hydroponic herb (dro) in cigars (gars), and put coke (cocaine) in jars (because I cooked crack in various types of jars). And I had to stay alert so I didn’t do Zanex AKA “handlebars” AKA “bars.”

The first verse is mostly playful, but does touch on the game “dope game.” There’s a line where I say, “In the game with no ref, but will bury a fouler.”

This is a song where I’m not only singing the hook, but also a few lines within the verses. Some say my voice is one only a mother can love, but I vehemently disagree. Mom says I’m the Mexican Barry Manilow, so love it or shove it.

I start the second verse:

“I meet a fan and be trippin how they squeeze my hand/

I remember chuggin Busch and I’d keep the can. . .”

A few lines later I start singing this line:

“In the club I be tryna dance/

But I look like gramps when he fell in the plants . . .”

That goes on to talk about how my “Wela” didn’t think that was funny, but I did. This was just a memory I had that I decided to share. I was, like, eight at the time, and when we do the video, we’ll need to find a kid for that part.

Every verse on the SON is dope, and the last verse of people is no exception. I talk about my cousin being at the war in Iraq; “Livin under pressure, I pray for the soldier.” Right after that, I touch on the night my bestfriend’s daughter was shot with an AK-47(In a drive by.) Her foot was hanging by the skin. If she had slept the other way on the couch, (which was the side she normally slept on), the bullet would have hit her head. Still, what can you tell a man’s who’s liyyle girl’s blood is all over the floor? All we could do was cry in eachother’s arms. It’s a long story but the cops caught the bitches before we could. The good news was that the doctors did an amazing job of reconstructing her ankle. She was only six or seven so her bones grew exactly how the doctors anticipated, and now she’s fine. She walks and runs and jumps like it never happened. She’s married now and just had her first baby around a year ago.

“Lord help me, tight fists around the clip/

I feel like I can’t breathe, I need revenge for this shit. . .”

Her dad is Joey, the one with his entire back tatted with the Dope House logo. He’s one of the few men that I’ll die for. He also served in the United States Army. Long live the Navajo Nation.

Con Amor,