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Until the snippet releases, I'm going to begin giving you a literary snippet on the S.O.N. I'll start with the official songlist:

"The Son of Norma"

1. SPM Vs. K-Luv
2. People

3. Hustla World
4. Chiefin
5. Twenty-Eight
6. The River
7. They Said
8. Frustration
9. Till They Come
10. Without The Son
11. Don't Go Away
12. Poor Kids
13. My Homegirl
14. To The Flame
15. If it were you
16. Addicted To Storms
17. Angels

"SPM Vs. K-Luv" is a battlerap of me against a guy in the Harris County Jail. We actually had several battleraps because he was always challenging me. But, this time I was on the phone with Shadow, and he recorded us. A homeboy named J-Soto, who is one of the County Boys, (a group I put together in the County), held the phone between me and K-Luv, and we went at it.

My favorite thing about this battlerap is that we found time to enjoy ourselves, even under such difficult circumstances. K-Luv was awaiting trial and still wasn't sure if the DA was going to push for the death penalty. He was out there on drugs, and hanging out with the wrong people, and the next thing you know, him and his "friends" are in jail, facing aggravated kidnapping charges, and even murder.

I was there, hoping to get relief on my appeal, but no dice. A few weeks later I was on the bus, going back to prison.

One of the funniest parts (I think) is when K-Luv says they compared to him, I'm "shorter than a midget." The ironic part is that I'm taller than he is! I got dead on his ass for that one.

On one part I'm imitating his mom, who's making him "stay in the house!" I must have reminded him of Eminem because he says, "You ain't no Eminem, you're more like a skittleā€¦" Sadly, he could find nothing to rhyme with "Skittle."

That was about the last thing he said, because after that, I went off. I told him I'd make him have some lumps, and make him dance around talkin bout "my humps."

Just like our previous battles, K-Luv walks away in defeat. But he was back the next day, ready for another lashing.

Con Amor,