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We're rolling out a CD special for the next few weeks that some of you fans might want to take advantage of. Now, everyone knows that the lyrics in the Dope House Records songs go hard. No one can dispute that.

However, we also know there are a lot of younger fans whose parents, or perhaps themselves, would prefer clean versions of some of our CDs. For whatever reason or another, we understand the need to have these available. So these CDs have no cursing or profanity in them.

So, for a limited time, we are offering a 3-CD Special featuring:

SPM - The Last Chair Violinist (clean)
SPM - When Devil's Strike (clean)
Lonestar Ridaz - Wanted (clean)

All for only $13.99!


Now, where are you going to get SPM's last two CDs AND a third Dope House Records recording for that price? Pick up this collection while you can. We have limited supplies, so these are expected to go fast!

Hit us up at the Dope House Store for this offer.


Hi! It's Smiley, you know, the marketing director for Dope House!

I thought I'd give you the heads-up on Dope House Radio. Dope House Radio launched in February with no problems. We are streaming twenty-four hours a day with nothing but the best of SPM and all the Dope House artists. The playlist is continually updated. We are even looking at introducing independent artists and giving them a chance to get some air time. If you check out you can get more information about Dope House Radio and adding independents and the programming.

We are keepin' it real - we are keepin' full of music, fun, and hot programs... DOPE HOUSE RADIO is here to stay. If you want your friends to check it out, go to and click the "Dope Radio" link.

We want Dope House Radio to be a HUGE success, so get your friends to hit us up with what they like or don't like. Spam me or post a forum topic. Trust me, we read them.